5 Ways to Live Out Your Faith

5 Ways to Live Out Your Faith

It’s one thing to say we love Jesus… it’s another thing to LIVE it out.

When I was in high school (really not that long ago), I went through a pretty rebellious phase. I had a tendency to lie, disobey and cut corners. It got so bad that at I didn’t even remember when I had read my Bible last.

The way I was acting was not lining up with Jesus.

I said that I loved Him. I went to church and pretended that I was interested.

My words weren’t matching my actions. Sunday came and went. Monday rolled around and I started the whole cycle of lying and disobeying. But thank goodness God finally brought me out of the hole that I was living in and convicted me. I remember Him saying to me…

“Tara… you’re not living for me. You say that you love me. But your life couldn’t be further away from me.”

That was the point in my life where I realized that I was NOT living out my faith.

Your story may not be as “extreme” as mine. You may have not gone through a crazy rebellious phase. You may have not lied your butt off and had to be brought really low.

But maybe you’re struggling. Maybe you have no idea how to “live out your faith” — maybe you have no idea how to actually live for Jesus. Maybe you read your Bible and go to church but you just have NO CLUE how your life is supposed to look as a follower of Christ.

Friend… you’re not the only one feeling this. It can be hard to live for Jesus. It can be hard to know HOW our lives are supposed to look. It can be hard to know how to do our jobs, see our friends or scroll social media for Jesus.

But living out your faith isn’t impossible. It’s actually doable and the reason we can do it is because of GOD’S WORD.

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
— Galatians 2:20

Living out our faith is possible because of what Christ did for us on the cross. When He died, He made a way for us to no longer live for ourselves but to live for something greater — SOMEONE greater! The lives we live after accepting Jesus Christ is one of faith — bold surrender & obedience.

Living out our faith is just striving to be more like Jesus — striving to show the world that we are His & that we have a GREAT message to share.

There are so many ways to “live out our faith” for Jesus everyday. We could spend all day talking about them but for the sake of time, I wanted to share five simple ideas.

Living Out Your Faith Day~to~Day

  1. Be a loving & humble friend (Philippians 2:3)

    Paul encourages us in Philippians to do nothing selfishly but to always consider others better than ourselves. This means that a mark of a Christian (someone who lives out their faith) is humility & honor — always lifting others up! Living out your faith means being a friend who strives for humility and love over selfishness.

  2. Use your gifts (1 Peter 4:10)

    God has gifted us uniquely. We each have abilities and talents that serve and propel the body of Christ differently! Living faith means using what God has given us — not forgetting it but using it for His glory and the world’s benefit. The driving force behind using our gifts is that God’s name would be lifted high. THAT is living out your faith!

  3. Speak life, not death (James 3)

    When we decide to love and serve Jesus, we’re committing to carry His Spirit around with us and that can be seen by others. It’s easy to speak “death” (gossip, hatred, filthy language). But God’s children are called to speak life and that is anything that is true and loving! One of the simplest ways to live out our faith is to hold our tongues from any negative speech and replace it with LIFE GIVING WORDS.

  4. Overflow with joy (Proverbs 17:22)

    Joy is happiness that isn’t based on circumstances — rather, it’s set on the confidence that is found in Jesus! The world can be a sad place, with people consumed by their circumstances. But another way to live out our faith and show the world light is to simply be joyful. Especially when life gets hard and things don’t go our way, we have an opportunity to demonstrate it. Do it by simply choosing to look beyond the circumstances and serve someone else.

  5. Represent the kingdom (Romans 12:2)

    The world is watching. Especially if they know that you’re a “Christian” / “Jesus follower.” Think about this for a moment: As Christians, we carry around the HOLY SPIRIT. We are walking image-bearers of the Creator of the World. WILD. So we have an obligation (more like an honor) to represent Jesus and show up for Him. We can do this by waking up every morning and asking God that we become more like Him throughout our day! It all comes down to renewing our minds and dwelling on something higher — SOMEONE higher.