What it Means to be “Deeply Rooted”

Ever since I started blogging, I began to see this hashtag float around…

# be deeply rooted

Almost every Christian blogger I followed used it underneath their captions and I understood why. It was beautiful and it always caught my eye. But then I started to wonder what it actually meant. Like did it mean something more than just a hashtag on Instagram? Did it go beyond the hashtag and actually have something important to say?


The first picture that came to mind was of a tree — and since my family is in the hazelnut business, I thought of a hazelnut tree. The cool thing about trees is that they have to have strong roots to survive. In order to be fruitful and actually produce something, they have to have healthy roots that run deep into the ground. Although the tree starts out with flimsy roots, if it grows correctly, its roots will run deep into the ground and make for a firm foundation.

That’s when things started to make sense! My brain was finally picking up what social media had been laying down…

...walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.
— Colossians 2:6-7

This verse couldn’t be more perfect in my opinion! In this passage, Paul is reminding the Colossian church of their foundation, their root system. When we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts and as the Lord of our lives, the root process begins. We start to grow our roots into Christ, our firm foundation. That is the starting point and where our roots have the opportunity to grow deep! Just like Paul reminds us, these roots can be built and established!

So what does “be deeply rooted” mean?

Being deeply rooted means…

  • Having a strong desire to know & love Christ — no matter what

  • Submitting to His lead & trusting His power

  • Finding our identity in Christ & living it out

  • Striving to grow in our love for Him daily

Think about a steady tree in a wind storm. If their root system is strong enough, it will survive! The same goes for you and I. When we are rooted in Christ, there will be no way that the things of this world or the troubles of this life will uproot us! We can stand tall with our roots planted deep, no matter our circumstances.

However, I think many of us have planted ourselves in things other than Jesus. I’ve done this more times than I can count and every time, I have never been able to withstand the storm and I have always been uprooted. When I was in high school, I put my trust in dating relationships and rooted my identity in them. They always crashed and burned.

Take a second and reflect with me. Where are your roots? Are they in people? Comparison? Your possessions? Your bank account? Your social media following? Your job?

I’ll say it again: Where are your roots?

Digging our roots into perfectionism, comparison, society or others’ opinions will only leave us vulnerable. The enemy wants us to put our complete trust in things of this world because he knows it won't last — we’ll be uprooted in no time. It’s a false sense of security. And those roots will never sustain or grow us.

That’s why we must grow our roots deep down into Christ. That’s why we must settle on Christ, our Firm Foundation. Ever wonder why Christ is called things like "The Solid Rock” and “The Tree of Life?” IT’S BECAUSE HE IS STEADY AND HE IS SURE.

Do you trust the process?

This whole “being deeply rooted” thing isn’t instant. It doesn’t come easy. It’s not an overnight process.

It’s a day to day surrender — a daily process that continually grows our roots deeper. Think of that hazelnut tree again! It doesn’t just sprout roots overnight and flourish — it takes time for lasting, sustainable roots to form. But that’s the beauty of this whole thing. Each day is an opportunity to grow deeper in love & trust with our Savior.


It’s an opportunity to be fully dependent and strive for a divine romance with our Creator. We’ll never be perfect here on earth but we sure can grow our roots down deep so that no matter what life throws at us — we can stand firm. We can be unshakable. When something horrible happens, we can know that Truth is grounding us. When we’re confronted with dozens of different opinions, we can trust that our root system is in the Great I Am.

I believe that #bedeeplyrooted should be more than a hashtag. It should be a lifestyle, full of grace and trust.

So don’t be discouraged when this process becomes hard, tedious or even trying. These are the moments that are producing the most valuable fruit and the most loyal dependance — all for our good and His glory.