Capsule Wardrobe 101

Maybe you clicked on this post fully aware of what a capsule wardrobe is. Or maybe you have no idea whatsoever! And either one is totally okay!

I was chatting with a friend the other day about capsule wardrobes and she looked at me with a confused face. She had no idea what it was — and that’s when I figured it was time to chat about it. Because I’ve been slowly transitioning my wardrobe in this direction! Today we’re going to talk about why less is more and why you should consider joining me!

(Don’t worry… I’m not going all Marie Kondo-y on you! Personally, I’m not into it.)

Before we start, let’s take a verbal closet inventory together right now. Ask yourself these questions with me:

  • Is my closet overflowing?

  • Do I love every single thing I have in my closet?

  • Do I wear every single thing in my closet?

  • Are there pieces that don’t fit me anymore?

If we’re all being completely honest, we can answer “YES!” to most of those questions. That’s why a capsule wardrobe is such a good idea.

What IS a “capsule wardrobe”?

Basically, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of versatile pieces that you LOVE to wear and fit you! These are pieces that functional and easy to mix and match! Tops, bottoms, dresses and shoes are the only pieces in the capsule wardrobe category — that means you can have as many leggings, yoga pants & PJ’s as you want!😉 You get rid of the mediocre clothing that doesn’t fit and only gets worn once a year. When you get rid of those pieces, you open up space for the better, more quality items.

Ever since I was young, I always thought it was better to have less clothing that is better quality than more clothing that is worse quality. Although I’m guilty of an overflowing closet too, I love the feeling of simplifying things. Plus, striving for a capsule wardrobe keeps us all on a BUDGET. (That’s a big plus, right?!) That’s what striving for a capsule wardrobe is: simplifying, decluttering and reprioritizing.

I challenge YOU…

Before we get into the REALLLYYY fun stuff, I have a challenge for you. The next time you’re browsing through your closet or picking out an outfit, take an inventory of your closet. Look over what kinds of things you have in there. See what you don't wear — what has been stashed in the back of the closet for years. Get rid of those jeans from high school that don’t fit and are too short.

Now comes the best part!

I know capsule wardrobes aren’t for everyone — and that’s totally okay! Even my closet isn’t 100% in capsule wardrobe fashion. But I have been realizing that it’s better to spend my money on quality pieces that will go with everything else. For me, buying an expensive pair of jeans that will last me 4+ years is better than buying four pairs of inexpensive and cheap jeans that will last me a year.

HERE COMES THE BEST PART. Now that we’ve talked a little bit about what a capsule wardrobe is, I wanted to share a few of my favorite places to BUY clothes for your capsule wardrobe! These stores sell versatile and quality made pieces that will last you a long time and convert into multiple different outfits! (Click the words under each picture to shop my outfits and see what brands I LOVE!)

Some of you may be thinking that these items are SPENDY! “Like dang Tara! You expect me to pay that much for that?!” Here me out: The concept of capsule wardrobing is cutting back on the amount of clothing and saving yourself money to invest in better, more versatile clothing. Each brand I mentioned does that and more! (NOT TO MENTION SALES! These stores have the best sales — you just gotta be watching!)

I hope these suggestions helped get you an idea of what capsule wardrobing is — even if you just want to ease into it!

Tell me in the comments! ➡️ Would you try a capsule wardrobe? What are some of your favorite brands that are quality and versatile?