A Place to Stand


Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week has been off to a wonderful start! I’m excited to dive in with y’all today!

In today's post, I'd like to invite you to look at Psalm 119 with me. To start, I though it'd be important to give a little little background into the book of Psalm. This book was written by a guy named David. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this guy. David wore many hats. He was a musician, shepherd and king - just to name a few. David was described as "a man after God's own heart." Quite a title, right?This book is chalk full of poems that capture every human emotion. You've got sadness, joy, discouragement, mourning, anger, happiness, contentment, peace, praise and much more. Let's focus in on the 119th Psalm, specifically.Psalm 119 is a celebration poem, celebration of God's law.

Now you might be thinking, "Sheesh. Law is a scary word." It's our natural instinct to flinch when we think of the word, "law", right? As humans, we don't always like to submit and follow laws. But don't be intimidated. What David means by "law" is God's Word. The Bible!

Take a few minutes to read the Psalm if you haven't already. This Psalm is a love letter to the Lord, full of praise, love and desire for God's Word. David says that those who follow God's words (vs. 1) and those who seek Jesus with all their heart are blessed (vs 2). David also says in verse 11 that the way to keep from sinning is to store up the Bible's words in their hearts. Multiple times, David asks the Lord to give Him understanding of what the Bible means and to keep teaching Him how to follow them (vs. 33-34).David is gushing over the Scriptures, just going on and on about how much He loves the Word, how valuable it is to Him and how He longs to learn it.

Question time... Do you feel the same way about the Bible that David does in this Psalm? Please don't feel intimidated or ashamed if you don't feel the same way. I don't feel this way about the Bible all the time either. It's just not our natural instincts to feel this way! Galatians 5:17 says that we naturally desire things against God; it's just what our sinful flesh desires. But what if you really want to love the Bible? Do you really want to read it? Do you want to understand it? Do you want to folow what it says? If so... let me give you hope.

You really CAN do all of those things. But we can't do it alone. We need God's help. We need His Holy Spirit! And as a Christian, God promises to give us everything we need to understand it. If only we trust Him and rely on Him. Make a plan to be a dedicated Bible-studier and ask the Lord to help you follow through.Throughout this Psalm, David's desire is to make the Word of God rule every single aspect of his life. Does God's Word penetrate every aspect of your life? Does it penetrate your school? Your church? Your work environment? Your marriage? Your relationships? Your friendships? Your social media presence?

This may seem like a lot, but on the contrary, the Word of God gives every human everything they desire in life. It has the ability to convict sins, give wisdom, give happiness, teach about life, teach about love, teach about relationships, how to work, and most importantly... give us the way to everlasting life in Jesus. (This is just scratching the surface.) When we are obedient to the Bible and what it has to say about our lives, we are ultimately obeying God. The Bible is literally God breathed...how cool is that?! (2 Tim. 3:16-17)

No matter if you're a new Christian, an "old" Christian, or somewhere in between, this reminder is for you. The Bible is one of the main ways that God speaks to us. Grab your Bible from the nightstand or open it up in your Bible app. Then all we need to do is dive in and ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand it and live it.Psalm 119 shows us where to stand. It gives us a place to stand. The Word of God should be the foundation that we are set upon. There isn't a better place to stand than on God's words.In closing, I'd like to challenge you to soul-search. What do you think of the Bible? Is reading the Bible ipmortant to you? Do you feel intimidated? Don't. Because God is just itching to show you what He has to offer. He wants to show you how to stand. I'd like to end with this quote from James Walter...

“The Bible has everything to do with delighting in and meditating on the law; it has everything to do with being open to God's instruction, it has everything to do with being open to God's presence in the face of unimaginable opposition and open to God's power to transform the most hopeless situations. In short, the Bible has everything to do with having a place to stand.